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Maximise Breeding Efficiency with Equilume

Equilume is a world leader in the research and development of light therapy solutions to assist the global horse industry in maximising reproductive efficiency and performance.
Headquartered in Co. Kildare, at the heart of the Irish horse industry, Equilume was established in 2012 as a result of pioneering research by company founder, Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy, whose academic research at University College Dublin identified the optimum light level required to advance the breeding season in horses.

  • Advances breeding season for early conceptions

  • Prevents prolonged gestations*

  • Increases average foal birth weights*

  • Permits outdoor maintenance of mares

  • Reduces maintenance costs

  • Allows natural behaviour for happier, healthier horses

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To Buy Equilume please call +353(0)45 521 686.


For Bulk orders please call +353(0)45 521 686 or email here.


For veterinary trade orders please call +353(0)45 521 686 or email here.

"At last, a novel and exciting advance in horse breeding which is based on sound theory and solid science. The Equilume Light Mask is sure to be of major practical benefit to the Thoroughbred breeders around the world who have the good sense to use it."
W.R. (Twink) Allen,  Director at the Paul Mellon Laboratory of Reproduction, Newmarket, UK.

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