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Internship at Troytown GreyAbbey Hospital

Troytown GreyAbbey Hospital offers a limited number of internship positions for graduate veterinarians – the positions are for a fixed period of 12 months.  The Intern’s main responsibility are in-patient and out-patient care based at the hospital.  Duties include anaesthesia, intensive care monitoring and the day-to-day care of all of the hospitalized patients.  In addition, Interns will help perform radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear scintigraphy (bone scanning), MRI scanning, colic and lameness workups.

The Interns will be guided by the senior veterinarians and partners at all times and the Troytown GreyAbbey Practice Manual is an additional guide for practice and procedures.  Communication within the hospital team is very important and there are daily ward rounds in the hospital that the Interns are expected to take part in.  It is a very important part of the job to maintain proper contemporaneous records on patient’s charts of all medications and procedures.  Maintenance of equipment in a good working status and promptly reporting any faults or problems is an integral part of the job.  At all times a clean working environment must be maintained – in order to maintain excellent hygiene for the patients, staff and clients alike.

The normal working week is Monday to Friday, with weekend duty on a rota basis.  The normal starting time is 8.30am, but may be earlier during the stud season.  The normal finishing time is 5.30pm, but occasionally, depending on the work load, you may have to stay later.  The intern duty rota will be 1 in 2 for night and weekend duty.  In the Spring time foaling season the Interns work a night duty rota which is 1 week on in 4 weeks.  There will be some time off allowed in lieu of the weekends worked on duty.  There will be 20 days holiday entitlement, which must not be taken in the peak period, from the Mid-February to the end of June.  We normally work (full or part-time) on the public holidays (eg. Easter & St. Patrick’s Day) which fall during the busy period. Holidays can be taken in lieu of these days in the quieter periods.

When you are on night duty you will be expected to assist in late evening treatments and also any emergencies that arise.  During week-ends on duty, interns will do normal morning hospital rounds and then be available for further emergency duties.  Due to the intensive nature of the on call work and the occasional speed with which emergency referrals come to the hospital it is required that you live within 10 minutes drive of the hospital (accommodation is provided close to the hospital).

An internship at Troytown GreyAbbey can be hard work and intensive, but we hope that it will also be very rewarding and a great experience, as well as being a stepping stone to a career in equine veterinary practice


If you wish to apply for an Internship then we would strongly recommend that you spend some time in the hospital as a student (extra-mural studies (EMS), seeing practice or externship) and discuss the available Intership positions with the veterinarians in the hospital at that time.   Then send a cv and letter of intent to

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