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Weight loss and poor performance in the adult horse can be some of the most frustrating and tedious problems to deal with. Thorough investigation may allow a specific diagnosis and then appropriate treatment.


Diagnostic tests available at Troytown GreyAbbey include:

  • Gastrointestinal Tract

    • Gastroscopy (3m gastroscope)

    • Ultrasonography

    • Liver Biopsy

  • Respiratory

    • Endoscopy

    • Treadmill Endoscopy

    • Broncho Alveolar Lavage

    • Blood Profiles

    • Allergy Testing

    • Ultrasonography

    • Eosinophil Sedimentation Rate

    • Flowmetric Analysis of Lung Function

    • Biopsy

  • Renal

    • Blood Profiles

    • Urine Analysis

    • Clearance Studies

    • Biopsy

  • Musculoskeletal

    • Lameness exams

    • Muscle biopsy

    • Blood profiles

  • Cardiac

    • Ultrasound (echo and colour flow Doppler)

    • ECG (Electrocardiography)

    • 24 hour EEG radio telemetry


We have a well established laboratory that works in conjunction with the Irish Equine Centre.  Poor performance in the equine athlete can be specifically dealt with and we are set up with high speed treadmill, BAL, laboratory blood profiles (biochemistry, CBC, ESR) to diagnose problems.  Our medical team can assess the body systems and we have up to date treatment and surgical facilities.  Our latest addition includes ultrasonographic nebulization of lung medications, 30cm variable GE ultrasound probe with PWD, CWD, CFD, M and B sector scanner.

Occular Disease

Endoscopy of stomach ulser in horse

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