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Troytown GreyAbbey Hospital facilities include some of the most up-to date equipment on the market today.  


Our Hospital facilities include:


36 in-patient boxes including adult and neonatal intensive-care unit, and isolation facilities


24 hour Veterinary care


Indoor all weather lunging ring

Turn-out paddocks

In-house laboratory

Surgical theatre


2 fully padded knockdown / recovery boxes

Examination stocks and foal restraint area

Padded examination area

MRI Scanner (Hallmarq Standing Scanner)


Bone Scanning Unit (nuclear Scintigraphy)


High speed treadmill


Over land dynamic video-endoscope

3 metre video Gastroscope

Portable digital radiography system


CR digital radiography system

Portable and hospital based ultrasound systems

Shockwave therapy unit

Surgical laser

Arthroscopy system with pressure infuser

Pharmacy and Equine Supply Shop



Please note, this site is still under construction.  Check back soon.





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