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The Pregnant Mare

We have ambulatory services for routine reproduction work during the breeding season and pre-season barren mare assessments.  We are equipped and experienced to accept barren mares with gynaecological abnormalities for diagnosis and treatment.  A detailed breeding and previous treatment history will be needed.


Each problem mare will receive:

  1. General physical examination.

  2. Perineal confirmation assessment.

  3. Vaginascopic + cervical assessment with bacteriology and cytology.

  4. Rectal palpation and ultrasound scan.

  5. Endometrial biopsy.

  6. Hysteroscopic examination.

  7. Standing surgical correction of abnormalities - if warranted.


The aim of the barren mare exam is to identify the problem, treat accordingly and assess prognosis for further breeding upon the success of the treatment.


Pregnant mares with high risk pregnancies often need constant medical treatment and foetal monitoring. The decision for elective caesarean to correct gyenocological problem mares is available.  We use continuous monitoring and milk electrolytes analysis to time the caesarean precisely.  We have a dedicated foal ICU to take care of the foals immediately for a greater success rate for both mare and foal.


We are equipped with a 30cm variable frequency sector scanner probe for analysis of foetal viability and health as well as utero-placental abnormalities.  Foetal monitoring is critical and detection of problems before foaling occurs allows us to be ready for post foaling problems and to exercise preventative medicine.

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