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Respiratory Referrals

Respiratory conditions in horses require a specific diagnosis to enable accurate treatment of the various problems that can occur.  Our hospital has both overland scope facilities and a high speed treadmill to aid the diagnosis of respiratory problems.

Referring for a treadmill test:


  • A full history – choking, noise, poor performance and previous treatment should be communicated.

  • The horse needs to be well shod in both fore and hind hooves.

  • It is preferable the horse be at least 3/4 fit.

  • The horse must not be lame.


Each referral horse receives independent evaluation and other diagnostics may be pursued (e.g. lung wash (cytology, culture), resting endoscopic examination, and in the case of poor performance other diagnostic routes maybe warranted e.g. complete blood count, biochemistry, gastro scope, ESR, flowmetric analysis of lung function etc.).

Treatment options and diagnosis will be discussed at each stage of the examination.

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