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Troytown GreyAbbey can cater for all types of pre-purchase examination (horse vettings), from the standard recommended 5 stage vetting procedure or just limited gynaecological examinations, pre-sales vettings or short exams to check soundness of heart, wind and eyes.


The standard 5 stage vetting is recommended for most horses and this procedure can be discussed with the veterinarian before performing the examination.  In most instances we would advise that a blood sample is taken at the time of the examination.  This blood sample is stored safely so that if there are any problems then it can be immediately analysed.  The permission of the vendor is required before taking the blood sample and it is therefore advisable to discuss this before the pre-purchase examination takes place.


Radiographic examination is often advisable and is mandatory for horses being vetted for shipment to the USA in most instances.  We can perform a standard radiographic screening or adopt it to the client’s wishes as necessary.  Digital radiographs can be sent by e-mail or by cd format.


If the radiographs are sent by e-mail then the receiver is not able to change the contrast and darkness on the picture once it is received – therefore we always advise that if the radiographs are sent by e-mail that they are also sent by courier in cd format at the same time.  This is to avoid any problems in the interpretations of the radiographs.

Flexion test is routine in a vetting

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